About us

East-Pack LLC or "EAPACK" is a young, active company that specializes in the supply of equipment for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic industries.

The company's mission is to provide customers with high-quality, efficient equipment, optimize equipment delivery cycles, and maintain service in order to solve technological, analytical and economic problems of customers with minimal financial costs.

Our company works only with the best foreign manufacturers of equipment. The price-quality ratio is a priority for our customers and is the main one for us when choosing suppliers.

The best equipment for us is the one that works long and smoothly, perfectly fulfills the tasks set by the client and meets the regulatory requirements of the industry. At the same time, it is not overloaded with excessive technical solutions that lead to a rise in the cost of the project.

Our partners and the geography of cooperation

We work with many international companies in Europe, America and Asia

Our main partners:


We spend a lot of attention on marketing and promotion of our partners' products in the market.

East-pack regularly participates in two annual exhibitions:

In addition, we visit many exhibitions around the world in the field of pharmaceuticals and packaging equipment.

We regularly publish in magazines and maintain an active website for our Russian-speaking clients. 

Efficient client base

Our company has an active database of contacts with more than 500 clients in the pharmaceutical field.

Many key figures in the industry trust East-Pack to select specific technical solutions, types and equipment.

Managers of our company regularly visit clients all over Russia to present new solutions, including jointly with equipment manufacturers.

We actively use modern means of telecommunication to attract partner representatives to the dialogue with clients. 


Many of our customers prefer turnkey deliveries. Therefore, our company in many cases takes care of delivery, customs clearance and installation of equipment at the customer site.

We take care that our customers and suppliers will work comfortably, reducing risks and labor costs in logistics and service.

East-Pack managers help the company's partners in processing and obtaining various permits for equipment in cases when it is needed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The service department of the company performs:

Our engineers have many years of experience working with the equipment and have been trained by our partner manufacturers of equipment.


For the comfort of our customers, we provide services to our partners to translate commercial offers, marketing materials, software and technical documentation into Russian with an accurate translation of each technical term.

Working with engineering companies:

Thanks to cooperation with engineering companies, we often work with complex projects from the design stage. We are aware of many projects even before the tender for the supply of equipment. We help our partners in designing, providing all the information for the specification and drawings, which provides us with priority positions at the tender stage.